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Wayan is running his house, Nang is running his conscience and Da is running his agency, all afflicted by this latest tragedy as well as struggling with more private concerns. But the weeks pass and the idea of Braddock completing the mission he has set himself seems beyond fantastic. Polzin is surrounded by bodyguards, virtually unassailable in his native country, his travel plans a closely guarded secret.

As for the man who plans to hold the wobbling gun, he is falling apart both physically and mentally, barely functioning on a diet of tobacco and alcohol, his body assaulted by nausea and fever and, more worryingly, crippling chest pains. But will he be able to pull off such a far-fetched scheme, and at what cost? Happily I managed to resist, and will resist revealing further details about this nail-biting finale except to say that the way the author manipulates a multi-stranded plot packed with tension and shocks is masterly.

He must bring together the threads of the karmic web in a way that feels artistically right and will not disappoint readers already depressed at the idea of saying goodbye to their beloved anti-hero.

At one point in the narrative Braddock recalls an occasion when he took his housekeeper Wayan to see a magic show during which a living person was turned into a corpse. The inspired ending for this final book, and thus for the series as a whole, is pitch perfect. And the final page is not really the last goodbye. Dolan, revisiting the same compelling themes while inventing new angles and aspects from which to observe them, invites us to do the same, continuing the story in our heads usually around 4 a.

What a feat. Take a bow, Mr D.

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Jul 21, Eric J. He is agonizing over the murder of his daughter, Katie. He is smoking and drinking more than ever. His health is taking a nosedive too. The odds he faces are seemingly unsurmountable, and with every step he takes, he seems to be farther away from achieving his objective. In this novel, Karma plays a major role, stalking the events and personages, and not just Braddock, with its wistful settlement of the consequences of their past deeds; sometimes bringing a smile to the reader; other times a sense that a mystical balance has been maintained through implacable justice.

I expected to feel sadness as the outcome of the novel presented itself. The sorrow that comes with saying goodbye to a lifelong friend. You will not be disappointed. Five Stars is not enough for this glorious gift from author Dolan. All great 'Entertainers' leave their Audience wanting More and John Dolan does exactly that by leaving the 'Braddock' family door enticingly ajar instead of Closing it completely Bravo Mr Dolan, You have surpassed yourself It ends with a bang, not with a whimper.

And I have read them, reviewed them, and loved them all. Therefore, I approached this, the last novel in th It ends with a bang, not with a whimper. Therefore, I approached this, the last novel in the David Braddock universe well, sort of, as it happens , with trepidation. I wanted to know how this series ended, because there were many issues left hanging after Two Rivers One Stream, but I was also sad that the end was near. Let me assure you, this book is a blast and a more than fitting conclusion to the series.

I've read them, so that I can tell you about them.

Not all the novels are narrated from the same point of view or take place in the same time-frame and following a chronological order. This novel, narrated in first-person by David Braddock, the King of unreliable narrators, gives us another opportunity to share in his witticisms, his philosophising, his bad habits, and his peculiar interactions with those around him ghosts included.

I recently highlighted the first line of a book I read that I said had become one of my new favourites. Remember you can check a sample on your usual online store.

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We find Braddock at a low point in his life, following the traumatic events in the previous novel and his very personal loss, and as a result, he starts plotting a revenge that would be complicated even for an experienced assassin, something he is not. The absence of something good. You can thank me later. Jul 28, Robert Cohen rated it it was amazing. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, an author named John David Dolan committed to writing a heptalogy a series of 7 theme-related books about an English private detective living in Thailand named David Braddock.

After 8 years, it is now complete. Dolan spit out approx. Apparently he never sleeps. So here we are at The End, which Jim Morrison said was his only friend. In this case, the end not only is not my friend, but it might make me very sad. Keep in mind that this novel, which can be read as a stand-alone Mr. Dolan does a good, albeit of necessity truncated, job of filling in most of the back story , brings closure to a monumental story with dozens of characters and dozens of criss-crossing plot lines.

Before closure, you, the reader, might first want openure how about that for a newly minted word? Start at the beginning, the first novel Everyone Burns, and follow the entire adventure.

This Is How It Ends: Eva Dolan: Bloomsbury USA

Now back to this book. He even mentions the philosopher Schopenhauer, one of my favorite party animals from history. Talk about a terrific attention-grabbing opening for a novel. It took no more than 2 chapters for me to settle into the familiar penetrating and irreverent Dolan-patois, a use of the language that is at once playful and serious, elucidating and self-deprecating, transcendent and earthy, emotional and hard-boiled, witty and often snarky as hell i. See previous paragraph. As usual his Zen-like observations are spot on.

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  • The blessing here is that there are so many loose ends left over from previous novels in the series that I am consumed with following the plot, so I am able to keep the thought of the death of some beloved characters at bay, as I devour the intrigue page by page. Maybe Mr. Dolan is just toying with me. Life is not a joke. Because of so much tragedy in his life he is losing his ability to cope.

    Harry's Justice

    He is disintegrating emotionally and physically, drowning in a sea of alcohol and a dense cloud of cigarette smoke. Along the way, Mr.

    Dolan ties up all the loose ends, and treats us to a plethora of surprises. No spoilers here, but you will be thrilled by the seventh and final ending. Read the novel to find out. Sep 01, Holly rated it it was amazing. Through all of his losses, Braddock must somehow find a way to get past his grief, reverse his self-destructive behavior, and find new meaning in his life, which appears, at times, chaotic and lonely. Finding unlikely allies to assist him, Braddock pushes forward in pursuit of this goal, risking the very high odds that he will die trying.

    Will he ever find the answers to the unsolved mysteries that nag at him? Will he ever find love and happiness, or will he die in his determined effort to exact revenge on Polzin? Dolan skillfully plants these nagging questions in your mind, where they simmer in the background as you cheer Braddock on, or mentally scream at him to stop! The end. No more. Not everyone can end a series satisfactorily. Dolan does not have that problem.

    Dolan is a masterful storyteller whose books are compelling, entertaining, and well written. Read this book. But better yet, read all of them, for it is an experience you will never forget. Jul 31, Eichin Chang-Lim rated it it was amazing. I have read every one of Mr.

    Dolan's published books and always enjoy his writing style. Man, this book is far beyond what I expected! Writers are artists. As a masterful w I have read every one of Mr.

    Series: Uniformly Hot!

    As a masterful word-crafter, Mr. Dolan has done just like that. As for a suspense-thriller, the plot is not massively action weighted. Braddock is haggard from agony and sorrow from the loss of his loved ones. Revenge beleaguers him. He needs to kill! Planning and eventually witnessing the blood splashing out of his enemies' brains dominate his whole being- even the action may end his own life.